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Welcome to: Great Ocean Road Accommodation

This website deals specifically with accommodation along Victoria's Great Ocean Road and its hinterland. The Great Ocean Road is very well known as Australia's most magestic, coastal drive. From Torquay to Lorne to Apollo Bay and beyond to Warrnambool and Port Fairy there are just so many delightful spots that you will be hard pressed to decide where to go, where to stay and what to do first. Each small, coastal town you will arrive at is different from the last and different from the next. You'll probably be wondering how there can be so many magical towns one after the other! Well; welcome to the Great Ocean Road. It doesn't have the prefix 'great' for nothing! Unless you're in a real hurry, stop, park the car and have a good look around. After all, you may not be coming back to this part of the world for quite some time. When deciding where to stay you'll more than likely try the well known spots at first, like Torquay, Lorne and Apollo Bay and there is a reason that these seaside towns are so popular but don't forget that there is so much more. Have a sneaky peak down roads where few tourists venture, there is no need to rush, relax, you're on holidays, let that adventurous part of your character out for a while. This websitesite deals with Great Ocean Road accommodation and accommodation nearby the Great Ocean Road. Much of the available accommodation is pet friendly (Johanna is the only beach in a national park in Australia where you can actually walk your dog along the beach! They do have to be on leads though.) and whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, you will find. The Great Ocean Road is becoming more and more popular each year and tourist operators and accommodation providers are very aware about what they need to provide. There are lots of fascinating tours on offer and you just won't find lousy accommodation anymore. Bad operators don't survive. Make sure you have a decent look around though before you settle on where to stay. There are a lot of options. Whether you are after accommodation suitable for the family or couples accommodation you will find it here. Once you've made up your mind just click on the more info button for the property you have chosen and you will be directed to their personal website. Now you will be dealing directly with the owners. Don't forget to ask if they have any special deals going, especially if it is not peak season! Happy holidays.

Featured Businesses

the boomerangs on the great ocean road

The Boomerangs

Location: Johanna

The Boomerangs at Johanna on the Great Ocean Road offer guests a choice of 3 award winning, boomerang shaped cottages. Wood fires, spas & surrounded by 3 acres of landscaped gardens they offer guests sensational views over the Johanna Valley, native forests & the Great Southern Ocean. Sorry, no pets.  more info

mantra erskine beach lorne on the great ocean road

Mantra Lorne

Location: Lorne

Mantra Lorne happens to be the only accommodation venture in Lorne on the actual beachfront. Originally, the oldest guesthouse in Victoria, it has now been refurbished with luxurious apartments and sits within 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. Great for families and couples.  more info

johanna river farm

Johanna River Farm & Cottages

Location: Johanna

If you are looking for farm stay accommodation on the Great Ocean Road and right in the middle of the Great Ocean Walk then this is the place for you. Three self contained cottages perfect for families or couples and one spa cottage only for couples. Well behaved pets are very welcome here.   more info

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road hugs an incredibly spectacular coastline for more than 100 kilometres from Torquay to Lorne to Apollo Bay and beyond until it reaches its spectacular destination at the 12 Apostles. There are few roads in the world that hug a coastline so closely that you can actually hear the waves breaking as you drive. There is no disagreement that this is without any doubt one of the best drives in the world. Do not forget your camera - around every corner there will be a surprise waiting for you. Unfortuanately, many tourists to this region simply stay in Melbourne and think they can do the Great Ocean Road as a day trip. If your travel agent tells you this I would suggest you find another travel agent. You won't be doing yourself any favours. You'll end up spending the better part of a full day in a bus and see just the tip of the iceberg of what this area has to offer. This iconic region has loads of fun things to do. It is so much more than the just the 12 Apostles. Let's get one thing straight; this is a road which hugs a coastline and not just any old coastline. You'll be driving past so many fabulous beaches which more often than not will be empty of footprints. That's right; beach after glorious beach and all with pristine sand and crystal clear water enticing you to stop and have a dip. This is why you really should self drive the Great Ocean Road. If you opt for a tour you will just miss out on so many great spots which are not on the major tourist trail. After frolicking in the ocean for a while you'll need to recharge the batteries and it doesn't matter which town you happen to be in as they all have lots of great cafes and restaurants. The Great Ocean Road region is becoming known for its creative cuisine. Give some thought to your itinerary - browse through this site - and book your holiday carefully. After all, you're spending a lot of money on this vacation and there's nothing worse than coming home after a holiday with regrets!

Southern Right Whales visit the Great Ocean Road region every year. They travel all the way down our coast to give birth at Logans Beach in Warrnambool. Their arrival is always highly anticipated and the show they put on for us never disappoints. Often they will hang around a certain place for an indefinite time. You can find out all the latest sightings by visiting Great Ocean Road Whales.

Just off the Great Ocean Road : So many hidden delights!

If you are coming to this area simply to visit the Great Ocean Road and all its attractions then your holiday will be a success and I can guarantee you will go home with some great memories. But, if you have some time on your hands why not venture further afield? How many times have you stepped off a well worn path and found something extraordinary? Hopefully your answer is lots! If your answer is never then perhaps it is time you did. You don't have to travel too far from the coast to experience some off the beaten track delights. The Great Otway National Park is just wonderful in every season. Covering 103 square kilometres it primarily consists of temperate rainforests with loads of refreshingly cool waterfalls with ancient, massive eucalyptus trees towering over pleasantly cool, forest floors with carpets of ferns and all manner of flora and fauna. All of the major waterfalls are easily accessible with well made tracks which makes it so much easier for all of us to enjoy the sights and sounds. Some of the most popular waterfalls are near the small, historic township of Beech Forest; which was home to legendary runner Cliff Young. The Beechy Pub does a great feed so if you're peckish feel free to drop in.
If you're a bit of an adrenalin junkie you might like to consider heading to the Otway Fly, which just happens to be the longest and highest, rainforest canopy walk in the world. The Otway Fly is a great place to take the family. Kids especially love this place with its hidden dinosaurs around secretive corners and let's not forget the recent addition of a Zip Line. The whole family can now soar from tree to tree high above the ground. Fun and more fun. And if this isn't enough you can try your hand at abseilling. Not far away is the small town of Forrest. Forrest used to be a rough and ready logging town in the not too distant past but has now reinvented itself and has chosen tourism over the felling of the native forests. You'll find the Forrest Brewery here which also does great food, good coffee is not hard to find and the accommodation is delectable. What Forrest is most well known for now though is that it has some of the world's best mountain bike trails. Various trails have been set up from beginners to extreme. Annual competitions take placeand events are open to all. Haven't seen a platypus yet? You can here. You can paddle with the local platypus in a canoe on the beautiful Lake Elizabeth.
Another significant highlight of this area that you should visit is the Cape Otway Lightstation. This is thes oldest, surviving lighthouse in the country. Has to be seen to be believed in stormy weather! It's also a great place to watch for passing Southern Right Whales as they slowly make their way along our coast to Warrnambool where they give birth to their calves.
It's very easy to work up a thirst being a tourist. Fortunately for you, the Otway Ranges is now home to a number of boutique wineries and a handful of home made breweries. It's always great to taste some of the local brews at some of the local watering holes when you're on holidays. And when it's time to eat you'll be well looked after. The Great Ocean Road is a foodie's paradise. A good way to experience what's on the table in this region is to follow the Otway Harvest Trail. This will ensure that you don't miss the finest of what the Otways has to offer. Wineries, provedores, cellar doors, farmgates and loads more. Take your time and soak it all up.

The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk begins its magnificent journey in the beautiful coastal town of Apollo Bay. For approximately 100 kilometres you will be able to follow this coastline and marvel at its beauty and ruggedness. It meanders westward passing through the Great Otway National Park which is home to almost countless, enticing and deserted beaches ( do not forget your bathers ), towering forests of eucalyptus trees and a sizeable marine sanctuary. Parks Victoria have set up numerous camping spots along the way ( you will need to book in advance if you wish to do this ) or alternatively you can opt to stay at some of the many private accommodation establishments along the way. If you don't have your own car or you would prefer not to use your own, you can employ the services of Great Ocean Road Shuttle Service. They can pick you up in the morning and drop you off in the afternoon from wherever you are staying. This is a very professional service and comes highly recommended. If you are at all unsure of which sections to walk, have questions about the weather, best time of year or anything at all just give them a call. They are only too willing to assist. Have fun hiking!

Coming from interstate or overseas?

If you are on your way to explore the Great Ocean Road then there's a good chance you are coming from interstate or overseas. If this is the case then you may need some accommodation in Melbourne. Have a great time and we hope that Great Ocean Road Accommodation has been helpful to you in deciding where to stay in this fabulous region.